Diversity and Inclusion at lunch table

“Let me introduce you to someone like you guys”, said a colleague who met my client on his way home. “Who? Human beings,” responded my client to his colleague. They both laughed and continued their usual banter but, my client could never let go of the inference in that conversation. He kept playing it in […]

The Ruthless Manager

How do you feel when you walk out of your manager & office, after a meeting or a performance review? Empowered and Motivated! …or Disempowered and Demotivated? If you feel empowered and motivated, you have an excellent manager, but, if you feel disempowered & demotivated, then you are dealing with a “ruthless manager”. It is probably, in […]

Look whose Talking ?

Transactional analysis is a model of human interactions, which was first developed by Dr. Eric Berne in 1960. This model is based on 2 principles: a) Our personality is made of 3 parts or ego states i) Parent ii) Adult iii) Child b) These parts or ego states interact with each-other in transactions The 3 ego states: Each […]

Culture of Insults

How do you feel when you’ve arrived back home after work: empowered or disempowered? Do you avoid conversations or interactions with your boss? Do you dread going to work to avoid any interactions with your boss? Do you spend more time worrying about how your boss might react to your work, rather than spending quality […]


Are you in a toxic relationship? Is your boss a bully? Are your colleagues jealous? Have your friends disappeared at your hour of need? Is any of this making your life sad, depressing and lonely? If it is, then I would highly commend you read further. I am not going to tell you that these […]


Is there an episode in your life’s timeline, which you have kept private, and never shared or discussed it with anyone? Is keeping that secret a bother to you? Does holding that lid shut, disrupt your everyday life? If the answer is yes to all the above questions, then you are definitely burdened with a […]

Critical People

Many of us come across people in our daily life who are critical. They come in varied relationships, and may be those whom we communicate with sometimes, or, on a daily basis. They could be our parents, partner, boss, colleagues or teachers. I call them ‘The Faultfinders.’ Though perhaps they sound like superheroes, they are […]

People who know it all

Does your personality show the following characters? Condescending Judgmental Overbearing Dominating conversations Bossing peers or other people around Giving advice, especially when not asked Arguing, when conversations don’t go your way Listening to other people’s discussions and interrupting them, without excusing yourself Then you are suffering from one of the most annoying qualities, called: ‘I […]

Workplace Crushes

The modern workplace is a dynamic environment where people from diverse backgrounds come together to achieve common goals. Amidst this collaboration, it’s not uncommon for personal emotions to intertwine with professional interactions. One of the most delicate situations to handle is having a crush on a colleague. Dealing with a workplace crush professionally requires finesse, […]

How Do You Ask Someone R U OK (Are You Okay) At Work?

Every year, on the second Thursday of September, Australia observes the R U OK? Day. This significant day serves as a poignant reminder of the crucial role we all play in checking in on the well-being of those around us, particularly at the workplace. It’s an occasion dedicated to initiating conversations that can genuinely impact […]

Is Workplace Bullying Illegal in Australia?

Work is a significant part of your life, consuming a substantial portion of your waking hours. Ideally, it’s a place where you feel valued, respected, and safe. However, for some, the workplace can become a battleground of bullying and harassment, leading to low self-esteem and anxiety causing you to feel lonely and dejected.   Understanding […]

Why am I Being Singled Out at Work?

In the complex world of office dynamics, there are moments when you might feel like the spotlight is uncomfortably focused on you. You’ve probably asked yourself, “Why am I being singled out at work?” It’s a question that can stir feelings of self-doubt and frustration. Let’s explore the various reasons why this might happen to […]

Can a Boss be Fired for Yelling?

It is a really upsetting experience if your boss yells at you. I empathise with you. First and foremost, you do not need to take it upon yourself. Yelling, a form of aggressive communication, can create discomfort and a toxic atmosphere within the workplace making you think, ‘Can a boss be fired for yelling?’. This […]

How Do I Come Out At Work?

The simple answer to the question – How do I come out at work? – is: You don’t need to, at least not upfront. It really doesn’t matter what your sexuality is to a coworker, whether they’re straight or not, unless you want them to know. When you make up your mind to come out […]

What To Do If A Coworker Treats You Badly?

If you’ve been treated by your coworker rudely, disrespectfully or in an abusive manner you might be feeling annoyed, hurt or helpless. You might be wondering how to deal with such a person and how to protect yourself from further harm. In this article, we will explore some possible circumstances, causes and actions that you […]

What Is Emotional Abuse At Work?

At workplaces, emotional abuse can take several different forms, such as bullying, harassment, verbal insults, intimidation, gaslighting and scapegoating. Its negative impacts can be long-lasting and emotionally challenging.    Such behaviours are typically perpetuated by workplace bullies and abrasive leaders who exert their power to demean, control and manipulate their subordinates.   In many cases, […]

How Do You Deal With A Snake Coworker?

The answer to this question is very simple. You don’t! You don’t need to deal with them as you have got nothing to do with them. Ignore them like they do not exist and half of your problems will be solved. The most important thing to remember here is that they are your co-workers, not […]