I’ve been consulting Jiten since 2017, and have seen great results in my overall well-being along the years. His calm, mature and multi-dimensional approach to consulting, supporting and healing is among the best I’ve experienced so far. And still, many a times he yet again surprises me with the fresh and unbiased perspective on life’s challenges that I face on a daily basis! Much recommended!
Neeraj Agarwal
I have used Hypnotherapy in Sydney for Hypnotherapy sessions, for a few times now. I used this modality to work on my relationship issues along with stress and anxiety at work. Jiten is highly professional and a caring therapist. With his support I no longer suffer with any of the above mentioned issues. Initially, I was a bit hesitant towards choosing Hypnotherapy to work on my issues. I had tried counseling earlier, but it did not work for me so, I made a decision to try this therapy and it worked. After a few therapy sessions with Jiten, I think the decision I made was fully worth. I am happy with my life now and a lot more confident with everything I do and, will always use his service in future when required.
My heartfelt thanks go to you, Jiten, for your great work with me and my family. Your Hypnotherapy skills have helped me enormously in often unexpected ways, but especially to overcome longstanding grief. If only I’d known about the many gentle ways Hypnotherapy could help…. I see many old issues so much more clearly and calmly now, and after only a small number of appointments with you. Your Homeopathic Skills can stand alone or be complementary to the Hypnotherapy. We are so lucky to have you working on Northern Beaches
ThereseNorthern Beaches, Sydney
I saw Jiten to help me with a few issues’ I’d had. 1 being flying. I had to fly medicated for the last 9 years. I couldn’t even go to the airport without an anxiety attack (sweaty palms, shortness of breath, couldn’t concentrate) on the actual flights I would sit gripping the seat, any movement was met with catching of my breath, in general terrible to fly with. I suffer anxiety for weeks prior. I had a few sessions with Jiten specifically for flying. Last weekend I flew to Sydney and back- unmedicated! I had no anxiety, no shortness of breath, no sweaty palms. In fact, I looked out the window and enjoyed the flight. I couldn’t believe it. My husband was so shocked! I really didn’t know if hypnotherapy could help me but Jiten assured me he could help. I can honestly recommend Jiten. I can’t thank him enough for the help he has given me. He is an amazing person.
Mandy PMelbourne. VIC
I’ve tried hypnosis several times in the past but is was unsuccessfully – I’d gotten to the stage where I thought I would never give up. What a godsend being introduced to Jiten’s subtle yet powerful process. It really works! He also managed to sweep clean a heck of lot cobwebs and unhealthy thought patterns in the process! He’s a rare breed because he is a genuine healer. Can’t recommend him enough.
Anthony L’HSt. Kilda. Melbourne
Jiten has been an extra-ordinary therapist. His integrity and professionalism are second to none. I feel safe and supported by his guidance, intelligence and wisdom. I have experienced enormous break throughs, letting go of old and harmful patterns that sabotaged my life and caused me distress. I would highly recommend Jiten if you are seeking to make profound changes in your life. This has certainly been the outcome for me.
Cherie RossHawthorn. Melbourne
Dr. Jiten is an amazing therapist. He is professional, caring, and offers insight and understanding as to what is inhibiting personal growth and empowerment. I have already felt significant shifts emotionally mentally and physically just after a few sessions. His innate wisdom has helped me to develop a new perception on how I handle challenges in my life.
Gae O’Neil DonnellonHawthorn. Melbourne
I went to Jiten for help in overcoming a craving for nicotine and cigarettes. Although I smoked little, the craving was always there. I thought the power of suggestion through hypnosis would assist as it had in the past. With Jiten I found a wonderfully caring, safe and skilful therapist. He took me to the root cause of my issues and opened up a world of growth and possibility. He brings to his healing work a breadth of skills and insights that have the possibility of transformation. Highly recommended.
Peter McESt. Kilda. Melbourne

When I met Dr. Jiten, I was physically, mentally and emotionally messed in the most awesome and abstract ways possible. Not only did Dr. Jiten help me channelize my thought processes and energies in the positive direction, but also helped me give shape to my abstractness.

The very first step toward healing myself was accepting me for who I am and loving myself, which I never thought could be taught to one, indeed I was wrong! Chakra meditation was something that helped me a lot and taught me to focus on my energies. Also, the homework (tratak) made it easier to channelize my thoughts and feeling and be at peace and one with myself.

The hypnotherapy opened up a whole new realm of experiences. As abstract as my experiences seemed to me, they always made sense to Dr. Jiten. ” Don’t judge…!! ” he always said.

Perpetually phasing out and losing out on the present, grounding exercises have really made me aware of the present. I am living my own life now as opposed to ‘floating through mist, unaware of my own physical, mental or emotional experiences’. Soham, has helped me clear emotional blocks.

Dr. Jiten helped me ‘ understand and accept, love and respect ‘ myself. He doesn’t just treat you, he enables you!

Right from wiping my tears, to scolding me when needed; in Dr.Jiten I found what I needed the most in my time of despair, a friend who knew everything about me ( literally..!! best and utter worst) and yet accepted me for ME !

In this dark time, it is his direction that I have blindly followed and managed to be where I am. When I think of my current achievements and progress, I can’t help but think of him at the back of my mind and thank him.

Chaitanya HaldankarMumbai, India