According to a study in Australia measuring self-reported erectile dysfunction or male impotence in 108,477 men aged 45 years or older the overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction was 61% (25% with mild erectile dysfunction; 19% with moderate erectile dysfunction; 17% with complete erectile dysfunction). Sadly, what is true for Australia is also true for Sydney.

Males can have a varied range of sexual disorders; they can vary from simple embarrassments to complete impotence. There can be multiple minuscule issues associated with severe cases of sexual dysfunctions, for example an impotent male could have fears associated with performance anxiety or feeling of loss of masculinity, which can result in headaches due to battling with his feelings about sex. Hence, it is important to discuss, in detail the history with the client. 

There can be numerous reasons associated with sexual disorders in males, many of which find their root causes in childhood. Some of the more common ones are as follows:

  • Rigid or disciplined religious upkeep  
  • Unjustifiable penalising for genital play
  • Mishaps that occur when one is taught toileting in childhood
  • Being raised by a parent, that conveys strong feelings that expressing yourself sexually is completely immoral, filthy and disgusting.

While in Emotional males most of the sexual disorders are due to misinterpreting present-day behaviour, or avoiding distressing symptoms; Physical males often suffer due to rejection.

Upon rejection, in the case of Physical males, their libido increases. With consistent rejection by same partner, the man may not be able to perform with anyone else until he completely dissociates himself from the belief of being rejected by the earlier partner. While in case of the emotional sexual male, upon rejection by one partner, he could remain un-stimulated by that same partner, but would be stimulated sexually by any other partner, then the one who rejected him. Emotional males who experience continuous rejection by one partner are unlikely to have any sexual interaction again with that partner. Due to the rejection, he holds a strong grudge against his partner and punishes the partner by his infidelity.

  • Male sexual dysfunction can be addressed by Hypnotherapy by following means:
  • Explaining Physical and Emotional Sexuality
  • Re-education and retraining
  • Suggestive therapy
  • Desensitisation by Circle therapy
  • In cases of Emotional Sexual Males, who present with a tendency to escape from their symptoms or avoid performing intercourse altogether, suggestions creating passionate imagination with complete confidence and performance are implanted.  In cases of partial or complete impotency in emotional males, creative visualisation is used in such a way that he imagines being mentally stimulated, emotionally willing and maintains a complete erection during the imagined sexual act. This helps in creating a pathway between mental stimulation (which he is capable of) and Physical arousal (which he is trying to achieve).
  • Emotional sexual males with premature ejaculation can be helped, by imagining arriving to orgasm at the same time as their partner.
  • Fear of impregnation, to raise children and be responsible or overcompensating for prior experience with premature ejaculation could be a few of the causes where intravaginal ejaculation could be difficult. In such cases, emotional sexual males are suggested to imagine and create a picture of being highly aroused by his partner, so much so that ejaculation is only achieved after a period of highly aroused intravaginal containment. This creates a pathway between sexual stimulation (which he is capable of) and coital ejaculation (which he is trying to achieve)
  • In cases of Physical sexual males, the approach is by giving simple, direct suggestions against his disorder. For example, in cases of impotency, suggestions are given where his physical and mental process remains focused upon the sexual experience, which elicit feelings of physical arousal, which are then implanted into his thought process. This can be further strengthened by suggestions that, upon achieving erection, there will be strong mental stimulation, which would lead to a stronger physical arousal.
  • In cases of a Physical sexual male suffering from premature ejaculation, suggestions that the focus is on satisfying his partner and not achieving orgasm himself, he then is more capable of releasing orgasm along with his partner. With improvement, development of greater control is suggested.
  • Ejaculatory incompetence is unlikely in Physical Sexual males, but the possibility exists in males who are brought up with the religious belief that spilling the seed for any-other reason other than procreation is a sin. This belief can be undone under hypnosis through Inner child therapy by releasing guilt and retraining the brain to believe that it is normal to masturbate which in turn can also help release sexual tensions. The pathway wherein desire to release sexual tension without any guilt and reinforcing hypnotic suggestions can enable the client to participate in non-procreative sexual acts.

Seek help. Talk to someone you trust. Consult a Hypnotherapist if you find the need to.

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