As per Beyond Blue data 1 in 16 Australian is currently experiencing depression; and the age group between 16 to 24 years are the most affected. That is around 180,000 young Australians! Sounds worrisome. What is true for Australia is true for Sydney!

Each one of us has undergone depression at least once in our life. When depression takes over major portion of your life, it could represent in the form of psychosomatic pains which could lead a person to alcohol or drug addiction, hyperactivity or lethargy, psychosis or suicidal. Depression is caused due to suppression of unsolved disagreements over which we may have no control.


A person may feel depressed under 2 conditions:

  • Inability to decide because he believes that the situation is beyond his control.
  • It is waste of time to decide or act in that situation. 

Anxiety and boredom are the earliest signs of depression.

While anxiety is the fighting response of the body in stressful situation, depression is the flight response which is activated to remove one from anxious situation.

Boredom is emotional clash caused due to suppression of anger, guilt or feeling of uselessness. What does an average Sydney bloke do when he is bored? May be visit Sydney’s Blue mountains, or go to Sydney’s Bondi Beach, this is exactly an emotionally healthy person would do, find an alternative to boredom but an emotionally unhealthy person lives in his boredom which takes him into depression.

While experiencing depression, you could feel desolated, useless along with inability to vent your feelings. Kindly note that venting occurs completely and permanently through subconscious mind through Dreams or Hypnotherapy.

When you are unable to vent through dreams it could be because of:

  • When you are suffering from depression, you might have depressive dreams it is because your subconscious mind is venting the negative conditions, but if the dreams are misinterpreted by taking them literally or precognitively you might feel more depressed and continue depressive dream cycle.
  • To escape the pain caused in dreams, you might purposely suppress the memory of your dreams, which usually builds in anxiety where the subconscious mind acts like a blocked pipe. This can be very well treated by Hypnotherapy where your Hypnotherapist will unblock this build-up, drain those negative feelings and fill the space with positive suggestions.

 As you start feeling sad and depressed, your body starts sending signals to the brain to vent, and as I have mentioned earlier, venting in our mind is associated with sleep, this is one reason why you could be craving for more sleep. But even after waking up you could feel less refreshed, this is because the anxieties that made you depressed are haven’t been dealt with. Your effective venting mechanism is blocked. Unless we treat the events that generates depression, you shall crave more sleep which would lead into further depressive state that shall become the most predominant aspect of your life. This is exactly the time when one finds resort into artificial stimulants thinking that they would help them come out of this situation.

 Living in state of depression leads you into the state of continued hyper-suggestibility. This is a state where you can experience extreme sensitivity and suggestibility to everything around you. Some of the examples could be extreme sensitivity to sound, light, touch or when spoken to. Your state of depression is directly proportional to your hyper-suggestibility and vice versa.

 Resolving your unresolved conflicts is the best solution to depression which would help you vent through your regular dream cycle.

 There are 2 types of suggestibles though: Physical and Emotional

  • Physical are less prone to depression as emotional, because they can easily vent by means of screaming, yelling, crying, by talking to friend, family or a therapist.
  • Emotional suggestible demand positive suggestions and various other options which help you vent through dreams the inferred causes and not literal symptoms.

The positive suggestions and alternatives are important to people with depression to survive; because if a person, with depression loses his sight of options they feel that they have ran into a dead end, and it could be this thought that might drive them into suicidal ideation or suicidal attempt.

Hypnotherapy is one such tool that can help you if you are depressed because it approaches your subconscious mind at a much faster rate than conscious therapy which helps in rapid resolution of conflicts.

 Following are means that could be adopted to modify depression:

  • Segregation of problems
  • Focusing on the most distressing issue first, providing various options and suggestions in handling them. Simultaneous approach can be adopted to other problems in order of severity, but making sure that each problem is dealt separately and completely before moving on to the next.
  • Explaining various concepts of Hypnotherapy and Hyper-suggestibility.
  • Nullifying all depressive thoughts and feelings prior to Hyper-suggestible state.
  • Post Hypnotic suggestion would include that you shall dream and remember the dream which would help in dream analysis.
  • Complete relaxation of body and mind through hypnotherapy for hypersomnia
  • Hyper-suggestibility can be blocked with de-hypnotherapy.
  • Establishing numerous short term goals and objectives to develop a sense of direction and purpose in your lives to eliminate feelings of futility and give hope.

You and me at shall win this battle against depression together. All you need to do is give me a quick call to discuss issues that you are struggling with. And always remember “suffering is a choice”.