My heartfelt thanks go to you, Jiten, for your great work with me and my family. Your Hypnotherapy skills have helped me enormously in often unexpected ways, but especially to overcome longstanding grief. If only I’d known about the many gentle ways Hypnotherapy could help…. I see many old issues so much more clearly and calmly now, and after only a small number of appointments with you. Your Homeopathic Skills can stand alone or be complementary to the Hypnotherapy. We are so lucky to have you working on Northern Beaches

–  Therese (Northern Beaches, Sydney)


I saw Jiten to help me with a few issues’ I’d had. 1 being flying. I had to fly medicated for the last 9 years. I couldn’t even go to the airport without an anxiety attack (sweaty palms, shortness of breath, couldn’t concentrate) on the actual flights I would sit gripping the seat, any movement was met with catching of my breath, in general terrible to fly with. I suffer anxiety for weeks prior. I had a few sessions with Jiten specifically for flying. Last weekend I flew to Sydney and back- unmedicated! I had no anxiety, no shortness of breath, no sweaty palms. In fact, I looked out the window and enjoyed the flight. I couldn’t believe it. My husband was so shocked! I really didn’t know if hypnotherapy could help me but Jiten assured me he could help. I can honestly recommend Jiten. I can’t thank him enough for the help he has given me. He is an amazing person.

– Mandy P (Melbourne. VIC)


I’ve tried hypnosis several times in the past but is was unsuccessfully – I’d gotten to the stage where I thought I would never give up. What a godsend being introduced to Jiten’s subtle yet powerful process. It really works! He also managed to sweep clean a heck of lot cobwebs and unhealthy thought patterns in the process! He’s a rare breed because he is a genuine healer. Can’t recommend him enough.

– Anthony L’H (St. Kilda. Melbourne)


Jiten has been an extra-ordinary therapist. His integrity and professionalism are second to none. I feel safe and supported by his guidance, intelligence and wisdom. I have experienced enormous break throughs, letting go of old and harmful patterns that sabotaged my life and caused me distress.
I would highly recommend Jiten if you are seeking to make profound changes in your life. This has certainly been the outcome for me.

– Cherie Ross (Hawthorn. Melbourne)


Dr. Jiten is an amazing therapist. He is professional, caring, and offers insight and understanding as to what is inhibiting personal growth and empowerment. I have already felt significant shifts emotionally mentally and physically just after a few sessions. His innate wisdom has helped me to develop a new perception on how I handle challenges in my life.

– Gae O’Neil Donnellon (Hawthorn. Melbourne)


I went to Jiten for help in overcoming a craving for nicotine and cigarettes. Although I smoked little, the craving was always there. I thought the power of suggestion through hypnosis would assist as it had in the past. With Jiten I found a wonderfully caring, safe and skilful therapist. He took me to the root cause of my issues and opened up a world of growth and possibility. He brings to his healing work a breadth of skills and insights that have the possibility of transformation. Highly recommended.

– Peter McE (St. Kilda. Melbourne)


When I met Dr. Jiten, I was physically, mentally and emotionally messed in the most awesome and abstract ways possible. Not only did Dr. Jiten help me channelize my thought processes and energies in the positive direction, but also helped me give shape to my abstractness.

The very first step toward healing myself was accepting me for who I am and loving myself, which I never thought could be taught to one, indeed I was wrong!
Chakra meditation was something that helped me a lot and taught me to focus on my energies. Also, the homework (tratak) made it easier to channelize my thoughts and feeling and be at peace and one with myself. 

The hypnotherapy opened up a whole new realm of experiences. As abstract as my experiences seemed to me, they always made sense to Dr. Jiten. ” Don’t judge…!! ” he always said.

Perpetually phasing out and losing out on the present, grounding exercises have really made me aware of the present. I am living my own life now as opposed to ‘floating through mist, unaware of my own physical, mental or emotional experiences’.
Soham, has helped me clear emotional blocks.

Dr. Jiten helped me ‘ understand and accept, love and respect ‘ myself.
He doesn’t just treat you, he enables you!

Right from wiping my tears, to scolding me when needed; in Dr.Jiten I found what I needed the most in my time of despair, a friend who knew everything about me ( literally..!! best and utter worst) and yet accepted me for ME !

In this dark time, it is his direction that I have blindly followed and managed to be where I am. When I think of my current achievements and progress, I can’t help but think of him at the back of my mind and thank him.

 – Chaitanya Haldankar (Mumbai. India)


Not many people will tell you, but Dr. Jeetendra Damudre, is a SPIRITUAL MASTER.
Dr. Jeetendra is a person who has an amazing way of helping people deal with their problems. His ability of empathizing with people; his ability of identifying people’s problems, puts the seeker to such comfort, that they enjoy the journey towards the solution.
Understanding of the Laws of Karma, it effects, makes Dr. Jeetendra Damudre, a fantastic therapist/ healer, who helps the seekers treat the root cause of all problems, and find permanent solution to their problems.

– Advocate Jaideep Lele (Mumbai. India)


Dr. Jeetendra Damudre….DJ is what I call him fondly.

Dr. Jeetendra is a Divine Doctor……a powerful combination of Homeopathy and Power (from the supremo above). He is extremely down to earth and gentle human being who is always focussed on wellbeing of all around him.

Now he has added past life regression and has the power to heal through his karmic visions. I know him as the best Vastu Expert who can help solve the wildest negative energy that might have been hovering around your home and lives.

DJ is blessed soul who is on this Earth by the command of THE SUPREMO and does what HE tells him to do. No one has seen HIM but one can easily feel HIS presence if you have Dr. Jeetendra Damudre in your life.

All THANKS to this Divine Doctor……..I pray that he always has Peace and Prosperity and continue doing the wonderful duty towards mankind.

-Sanjeev Vijayan (Mumbai. India)


Let me begin by concluding. the power of the mind is infinite, and the ability to hold on to vast information or events is profound.
I never imagined what it can do to our day to day existence. I have suffered endlessly and miserably since I remember. There was no body to whom I could relate or explain. I suffered physically and emotionally I was a wreck.
I met Dr. Jeetendra through a common friend, and once the sessions began, all the deeply disturbing emotions started coming out and, in the process, started healing me both physically as well as emotionally.
It is an ongoing process. The worse is over. I am recovering well and now look forward to being what I deserve to be, happy within.
The techniques used in Healing are not typical close your eyes and relax types. they reach deep within. Only expert guidance can take us there. I strongly recommend it.

Finally, all I can say is, Thank you Dr. Jeetendra.

– Mukesh Chhadva (Mumbai. India)


“I read about Dr. Jiten in the newspaper & seeked his appointment to help me with my complaints of irregular -menstruation.
He is the first doctor I have ever had, who concentrated on wellness of the mind, body and soul. He made me feel comfortable & relaxed & asked me detailed questions about my recreational life.

Within 03 months of Homeopathic and Chakra therapy my heavy menstrual flow reduced & cycle became regular.

What really impress me were his views for karmic laws & knowledge about chakra therapy, which help me to see life’s problems as learning process of soul to reach higher spiritual plane. Your chakra therapy lesson will surely help me in my spiritual journey & will improve my personality. Your sessions are not only good for body but for my soul.”

– Chetna Hiten Desai (Mumbai. India)


Hypnotherapy in Sydney is the Best Healing Place for Mental Stress. It has made me strong and more positive thinker Dr.Jeetendra Damudre is the Best.


– Pradeep Parkar (Mumbai. India)


My experience with Dr. Jeetendra Damudre was pretty awesome blossom, amazing, actually I don’t have words to define 🙂 because of Dr Jeetendra I am able to understand myself, accept myself. Earlier my self-esteem was low and was lacking confidence but after attending the therapy session I learnt how to control myself and my feelings, what mistakes I was doing? Now I am a happy person.
I love myself and accept myself completely there are so many other things which is not possible in writing till we experience those innocent feeling.
Now I can express my feelings freely and joyfully.
GRATITUDE Dr Jeetendra thank you so much
P.S don’t forgot to attend the follow up sessions

– Manoj Dubey (Mumbai. India)


Flashback I don’t know where to begin from, for me you are God, you are a saviour. when i first time came to your clinic and told you my problem, you were like “BAS ITNA” and i was like this is the man who will help me to get me back SANAY MEHTA. And it’s been 6 months now and the therapy helped me a lot to become like before and a better person too. Also, I learnt the true meaning of life and answered many unanswered questions of my life. and in the end, I don’t regret that yeah, I got that thought of seeing shit, I was about to commit suicide, when some miracle made me meet you.
I also realised that nothing is real and there is no use in judging anyone or anything. You will always be the most important person in my life for helping me to chase all my dreams and thank you for helping me to become a good human being in life
The therapy which i loved the most personally was energy exchange and higher authority one though according to you the most powerful one is chakra cleaning but this 2 helped me more.
Thank you once again sir for guiding me in this tuff time
Highly obliged to meet a person like you.
Warm regards,

– Sanay Mehta (Mumbai. India)


There were multiple personal problems in my life. I was confused and life was going on with the flow without any goal. I made lot of efforts earlier to make changes in my life with the help of experts. I got the reliefs but it was temporary solution. After some time same problems were become part of my life although I put lots of efforts, time and money.
Three four months back while surfing on net I got reference of Dr.Jiten and about his therapies he is giving. I decided to take last chance and I got the appointment of Dr.jiten. I find him very simple, down to earth, friendly and really, I was scare to disclose the all problems in first meeting. But very skilfully he made me comfortable & open, to find out all issues. I’ll mention one person was torturing me by tagging and bullying for almost 4 to 5 years. He made me disturb in life, it was his nature to dominate others.
I don’t know why but I was unable to handle him. Jiten gave me therapies in 3 to 4 sessions and really it works magically that fellow has stopped all nuisances rather now we are seeing rarely. Now I could concentrate on other things in life, this has boosted my confidence level and positive approach towards life. I am whole heartedly thankful to Dr.Jiten for the efforts he made and working on and thanks to god that I met such a wonderful person in this journey and yes thanks to the site from where I got his reference.
I wish you all best wishes

– Mahesh Karle. (Mumbai. India)


As someone said ‘If you are still looking for that one person who will change your life. Look in the mirror. Dr.Jiten helps you to see that mirror and my eyes were wide open. I found myself. After few sessions, there were positive changes in me I was wondering why didn’tI meet him before. Better late than never though. Best part is you don’t feel like you are going to therapist. It’s like meeting a friend over a coffee and you feel so relaxed. All thanks to Dr.Jiten you gave a new dimension to my life, today I am all confident.

– Prasad Surve. (Mumbai. India)


Dr. Jiten is an extremely helpful and caring therapist. He understands your challenges, gives you a patient hearing and offers solutions that work. He will challenge your thought process, not to override yours, but to clarify it further. He is reliable; his techniques demonstrate results within due course of time.

– Anshul Kumar. (Mumbai. India)