The connection between an individual and his cigarette is very individualistic. It is a bond that they share for a very long time.

The reason of establishing this bond could vary from person to person; the very first meeting with cigarette is always unpleasant. But various factors are responsible for establishing the connect, the bond.

The thrill of holding a cigarette, lighting its end, inhaling the smoke, deep into the lungs and then slowly releasing the smoke in the air feels superb!

The contents of the cigarette especially nicotine gives that kick to the brain and helps one to forget stress and tensions, fills in a new zeal of energy and perhaps motivate one to work.

I often wondered, what is it that one releases in that smoke? And does it really vanish into thin air? Or it’s just one make belief that it’s over for now and if returns, I might light one again and Let go!

Smokers often fool themselves with this make belief, and probably think that cigarette is a quick fix to their problems. Even though the packet over cigarettes clearly mentions “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health” and a horrifying picture of cancer smartly pasted over it, obviously to scare and warn us about hazards of smoking; but one just chooses to ignore these warnings and perhaps chooses an easy escape of blowing puffs into thin air.

I have come to an understanding to call this class of people Passive Aggressive, and would categorise their behaviour as PAB or Passive Aggressive Behaviour, simply because even though they are aware it is harmful, they choose to indulge in it.

But to understand smokers one could easily classify them into 2 categories

 Identification Smoker    

Replacement smoker

An Identification Smoker is an individual who smokes because someone whom he looks up to smokes. For example, a movie star or a group that he might like to join.

But even after no longer associating with that group or the idol, if a person chooses to smoke, it’s clear that it has become a deeply ingrained habit.

A Replacement Smoker is an individual who smokes because he feels there is a void in his life and he could replace it by smoking. The void could be tension in relationships or performance pressure at work.

Smoking is both physical and mental; to overcome the addiction, we must alter smoker’s physical reaction and mental attitude towards smoking.

It’s the trigger that needs to be assessed first, because we all are aware of the harm a cigarette could do right from causing Oral Cancers to Cancer of the Lungs. Even after knowing these diseases we still choose to suffer, and this suffering needs attention and healing.

I have seen many who have stopped and taken up smoking again, which drew my attention to the understanding that it’s not the will power that drives people to stop smoking but those issues and patterns that I discussed above that haven’t been addressed. Ones willingness to stop smoking could be reasoned with personal health but no one notices the emotional aspect that is strongly connected to smoking.

Various programmes that are associated with smoking help to empower one to stop smoking but if the emotional reasons are addressed there would be less relapse.

Hypnotherapy is one such great tool to help you stop smoking. This is because; it works deep in to your subconscious mind, to release you from the bondages of stress, tension, identification issues which have been mentioned earlier and assist you to stop smoking at your will.

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