Your secret affair

You are having a secret affair! Yes, you heard it right!

These days we all are having a secret affair and it is absolutely true!

If I happen to ask each one of you, what are the qualities that you are looking for in your partner? What would your answer be? Someone who:

  • is intimate
  • available all the time
  • will do what you ask
  • will entertain you
  • will pay for you
  • will offer you security
  • will respond to every stimulus you offer
  • is dependent
  • is trustworthy
  • you can’t imagine your life without
  • who keeps your secrets safe
  • might make your heart skip a beat at the mere thought of them.

I am sure you are wondering, is that true? Yes, it certainly is!

It’s no secret, it’s your mobile phone. These days all of us are having an affair with our mobile phones. It has replaced the need of having or sharing your life with the human next to you! The very flesh and blood that is sitting or walking next to you is absolutely replaced with this new technology. Do you know why?

The answer is plain and simple: “TOUCH”

Touch is the most fundamental need of every living human being. There are a myriad of feelings and emotions that a single touch could arouse.

Touch is the very first need of a new born baby. It not only offers comfort but also security. It is the exploitation of this basic instinct that has led to the flourishing of the mobile phone industry. In this day and age, with humans being so well-connected, we have to wonder why it is that people can feel so lonely, and equally as important, we seem to have less patience as well?

Just as connectivity has made life simpler and easier for all of us, it has also taken away the ability of many people to sit and chat, or play together. Mobile technology connects us easily together, but we feel empowered to click a button to connect to our friends, and just as quickly disconnect. Since the phone responds quickly to our commands, we have started expecting the others must equally do so, hence our lack of patience.

The overuse of the mobile phone has created dependency on it so much that a person displays anxiety and worry when they are low on battery. Continual usage of our mobile phones, in typing messages, has resulted in pain and inflammation, and a rise in a condition coined, ‘trigger finger’, due to excessive thumb use in typing texts.  Constantly staring at screens at night time, has now started affecting peaceful sleep. Visiting social media sites, reading news, or watching episodes online, not only leaves the mind restless, but also causes sleep deprivation. Browsing online sites gives us the ability to quickly find answers to every question you could ever ask. I believe that this has hampered our capacity to think and analyse rationally. People often self-diagnose themselves, and forget that the Doctors are experts on the matter. Apart from this, there are two worse things that are happening to people: one of them are accidents, and the other is an increase in level of anxiety.

So, what can we do to deal with these issues? Here are some pointers that might be helpful:

  • Phone Detox - take a break from social media and social sites
  • Read books
  • Monitor your phone use
  • Meet friends instead of chatting online.
  • Spend time with family


The information and views expressed in the blog are individual and inspired from writer's experience and study in Mental Health & Hypnotherapy.

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