“If you don’t take my call, I will jump from the balcony.” These words left me in a state of shock and a feeling of having been threatened. I know these threats come from a deep-seated feeling of helplessness and self-doubt.

Although, studies on the subject claim that many people who talk about committing suicide, actually never take it as far as attempting it. So, then why would anyone even think about or make claims that they are going to commit suicide?

I personally have never believed in the concept of ‘Death Wish’ given to us by Freud. I believe all of us are looking for peace and pleasure in our lives.

The person thinking about suicide is looking to escape the pain of emotional reality. It is the only door to escape because the person doesn’t consider the consequences of death rationally.

But what drives one to try to find this door of escape?

  • When they reach a state of desolation and uselessness
  • When feel they have run out of options
  • When they find no reason to live
  • When the magnitude of the emotional pain is so vast that it affects all aspects of their life.

One does not wish to escape from their life, but the pain of reality, which drives them to commit suicide. In my experience, people who lack imagination or are unable to fantasise, are the ones most prone to committing suicide. It is because they are unable to imagine their escape reality, against their present reality. People who fantasise, can escape into their imaginary world or even into a temporary or permanent psychosis.