Are you in a toxic relationship?

Is your boss a bully?

Are your colleagues jealous?

Have your friends disappeared at your hour of need?

Is any of this making your life sad, depressing and lonely? If it is, then I would highly commend you read further.

I am not going to tell you that these are the people teaching you a life-lesson, or that you have attracted these energies into your life, for some karmic balancing. The focus of this blog is to provide you with solution; how you can deal with these situations, or people in your life. But before I offer you a solution, let me explain how these feelings make a home in your mental or physical plane.

Just like one rotten strawberry is enough to make the entire punnet go bad, one such person is enough to disturb your chi. I have seen many clients who have struggled with the above-described feelings – myself included, but we have all crawled our way back, to re-balance our lives. Some say that, it is because we give these people power, that they find themselves in a position to poison our lives, which may be true, but how, exactly, do these people acquire this power? Is it because you are taken for granted in your relationship? Is it the fear of losing your job, that gives the power to your boss to become a bully? Is it your self-accomplishment and professionalism that makes your colleagues jealous? Or are your friends too busy handling their own lives, who treat you merely as a chat window? Maybe? Maybe not! We can never be sure what is happening in their minds, but we can take charge of ours, by not losing our mental balance.

Imagine a time, when any of the said incidences have occurred in your life. What gamut of emotions have you run through? Anger, embarrassment, hurt, shame, helplessness – just to name a few. We internalize these responses and they take a seat in our thoughts… in our mind. There is a mental chatter: “I wish I had said that! or I wish I had quoted this,” All is thought in vain. This constant mental irritation not only affects our inner peace, but also affects our physical body and most importantly, our sleep.

How do you handle these unacknowledged feelings? These feelings which have been internalized are now causing both mental and physical break down. The solution to these feelings is firstly to acknowledge them, then once acknowledged, we need to release these negative feelings from our system. The simplest way to do so is by means of ‘EFT’ – Emotional Freedom Technique.

How does one do EFT?

It is by simply rubbing your karate chop of your right arm by the left. And try saying these words…. Even though, I know I am ___ (insert the feeling here: angry, embarrassed, hurt, feeling helpless etc) …. which is due to ___ (recall the incidence) …I still choose to heal and integrate, love and accept that part of me.

There can be more than one feeling, you simply need to add them to your list and acknowledge them.

Repeat the above mantra for at least 7 times and then put both your palms across your heart and breathe out. This way you shall not only acknowledge the emotions but also release them and let them go.

Keep repeating the above every night before bed time, they work the best just before you go to bed when you are trying to unwind your day and relax. This exercise will train your mind to vent these horrible incidences through dreams.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try Emotional Freedom Technique and please share your experiences in the comment section below. I would really like to know how it has helped you? And if you haven’t tried it yet but would like to give it a go…and have doubts, I would appreciate if you can leave your doubts and queries in the comment section below and I would definitely try to assist you in your hour of need!

The information and views expressed in the blog are individual and inspired from writer’s experience and study in Mental Health & Hypnotherapy.