Dear readers,

Your response to the article has been so overwhelming, that I would want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their interest in my friends health and also the many inquiries about how hypnotherapy can help people who are trapped in a cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.

I am very happy that many of you shared it with others. Thank you, all your inquiries.

My friend is doing well! Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. He is home and has resumed work. And yes, thank God, his kidneys are fully functional again.

Flash back:

During a telephone conversation with my friend, he thanked me for writing this blog on substance abuse. He said, "It helped him so much." as he could relate to every word, especially the points ii and iii under withdrawals. He apologised that he couldn’t share the article on his page, for the obvious reasons of anonymity. To which I replied, "Yes we still do have some common friends!" We both laughed.

After reconnecting in these circumstances, I do worry about possibly losing him again. This time in flesh and blood! This real concern of his fragile state has encouraged me to make calls to him every day.

The other day, he kept asking me to refer him to a dermatologist. He was worried about his loss of glow to his face. My response was, "I wouldn’t care about your facial glow, my friend. Don’t let the light in your heart extinguish the light of hope! He said, “I won’t.” Then he asked, on a serious note, "Jiten please tell me how undergoing hypnotherapy would help me?

To which I replied, "Here’s how hypnotherapy could help you get over addiction:

  • Even before you adopt hypnotherapy as an approach, I would recommend you undergo a complete physical examination by a registered Physician, as you could be suffering from multiple vitamin deficiencies or hypoglycaemia. There also could be the possibility of liver damage as a result of alcohol addiction.
  • I would encourage having a session, which includes your spouse and children or your parents; this is for their own benefit and helps to enlist their understanding and aid them in this battle with you.
  • I would also strongly recommend making friends with new peers, this could help you find a new way to live your life, as continuing to associate with your previous friends, who are habituated to taking alcohol or drugs could lead you back into addiction again."

In Hypnotherapy, a series of positive suggestions could be used to break the pattern of addiction; some of them are as follows:

  • “Your inner strength is becoming stronger and stronger, it motivates you to overcome every hurdle which stands in between your physical, mental and social wellbeing”.
  • “From this moment on, you are developing more self-control. Every situation you face shall be dealt in a calm and peaceful state of mind”.
  • “Your habit of drinking/ drug use is in the distant past. You choose to replace it with confidence, strength and self-control. This brings into your life, much deserved self-respect and confidence each day in every possible way. You are a confident and positive person now, who is capable of succeeding in all aspects of life”.

I have always believed in the phrase “Cessant Effectus; Cessant Causa” which means “to stop the effect, one must stop the cause”. Similarly, to break the addiction, we need to find the feelings that caused the use of drugs or alcohol in first place. Upon discovering those causative factors, they can be easily dealt with by means of conscious therapy or through regression where we could erase the hypersensitivity through direct suggestion and replace them with positive feelings and motivation.

My friend seemed happy and motivated with the above information, I asked him to see a colleague, who I couldn’t recommend more highly. And yes, I did give him the number of my Dermatologist colleague. "Find your glow," I said. We both laughed again. This time, with me knowing that maybe (superficially), he is looking after himself.

According to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report, 1 in 5 people, aged 14 or older consumed more than 2 standard drinks per day on average, exceeding the lifetime risk guidelines.

In 2013, 15% of Australians used an illicit drug in the previous 12 months and 42% had used an illicit drug in their lifetime.

Cannabis, ecstasy, methamphetamine and cocaine were the most used illicit drugs.

What is true for Australia, is sadly also true for Sydney.

To know more, about how Hypnotherapy can help you rid your addiction or of someone you know, who would like help to quit their addiction please write to me at [email protected]